Save Time & Go Paperless, File Your Form Online.

Notice of Protest

Dispute your Appraised Value, File a Protest to Receive a Formal Hearing

Withdrawal of Protest

Change Your Mind? Withdraw Your Protest with the ARB

BPP Rendition

Render Personal Property Used for Production of Income 

Homestead Exemption

Residence Homestead, Disabled Veterans or Survivor’s Exemption

Open Records Request

Obtain Public Information Such As ARB Recordings (Audio/Video) & Appeal Packets

Mailing Address Change

Update your Mailing Address to Ensure Delivery of Any Notices from FBCAD

Appointment of Agent

Designate a Lessee or Other Person to Act as an Agent in Property Tax Matters

Remove An Exemption

Removal of a Disabled Veteran, 100% Disabled Veteran, Over Age 65 or Disabled Person Exemption

Revocation of Agent

Revoke an Agent’s Authority to Property You Previously Granted 

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Official Survey

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