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Chapter 25 of the Texas Property Tax Code law prohibits the disclosure of a confidential owner.

25.025. Confidentiality of Certain Home Address Information.

b) Information in appraisal records under Section 25.02 is confidential and is available only for the official use of the appraisal district, this state, the comptroller, and taxing units and political subdivisions of this state if:

(1) the information identifies the home address of a named individual to whom this section applies; and

(2) the individual chooses to restrict public access to the information on the form prescribed for that purpose by the comptroller under Section 5.07.

(c) A choice made under Subsection (b) remains valid until rescinded in writing by the individual.

(d) This section does not prohibit the public disclosure of information in appraisal records that identifies property according to an address if the information does not identify an individual who has made an election under Subsection (b) in connection with the individual’s address.

It is a Class B Misdemeanor for any public entity to disclose the ownership and or situs information on property that is classified as a Secured Owner or Confidential Owner.

The GIS files below are in a .ZIP format and will require a compression utility (Winzip or PKZip) to extract the files to your computer.

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2801 B. F. Terry Blvd. Rosenberg, TX 77471
Est. 1982

The Fort Bend Central Appraisal District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas established in 1982 for the purpose of discovering and appraising property for ad valorem tax purposes for each taxing unit within the boundaries of the district.

The district has approximately 376,000 accounts to appraise each year with a total market value of approximately $107 billion.

FBCAD Serves Approx. 215 Taxing Units.