Agricultural Appraisal

A special use appraisal for property that produces an agricultural product.

FBCAD’s Land Department outlines the history of ag appraisals, describes the two types of ag appraisals (1-d and 1-d-1), gives examples of qualifying land, and discusses frequently asked questions.

Most Asked Questions

How Do Do I Get An AG “Exemption” (Agricultural Appraisal)?

Agricultural Appraisal is a special use appraisal for property that produces an agricultural product, it is not an exemption.

  • One must complete an application and be approved in order to enjoy Agricultural Appraisal.
  • A property’s primary use must be a qualifying agricultural use in order to qualify for Agricultural Appraisal.
  • The property must be used in a qualifying agricultural use to the degree of intensity set by the district.
  • The property must be used as agriculture in (5) of the previous (7) years prior to the application year.

NOTE: Agricultural Appraisal is an appraisal of land only. All structures—such as barns, sheds, residences, stables, buildings, etc.—on agricultural use land will be appraised at market value.

When Is The Deadline To File An Application?

The deadline is April 30th.

Can I File Online?

You can now e-File a 1-d-1 (Open Space) AG Use Application — Form 50-129.

Can I Receive Assistance With My AG Application?

Yes, of course! The Land Dept. now offers one-on-one assistance sessions with our Land Appraisers, schedule one online.

Agricultural Advisory Board

  • Are you a landowner in Fort Bend County?
  • Do you have the special AG Valuation currently applied to any of your accounts?
  • Have you owned the property for more than 5 years?

If you answered yes to all questions, please consider joining FBCAD’s Agricultural Advisory Board (AAB)

Additional Details

  • Each member will serve a 2-year staggered term.
  • Members of the AAB are not entitled to compensation.
  • Members are required to join an annual scheduled meeting which typically occurs in October.
  • An employee or officer of the Appraisal District cannot serve as a member


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