ARB Evidence Packet Request

All ARB Evidence Packet Requests Must Be In Writing.

The form below is available for owners and/or authorized agents to request copies of the information to be introduced at an (ARB) Appraisal Review Board Hearing.

Public Information Request

All Public Information Requests Must Be In Writing.

The options below are available for individuals requesting public information; use eFile to submit your request online or download/print the PDF.


  • The request form may be submitted online thru eFile, emailed to, printed & mailed or submitted in person.
  • All requests for public information are treated uniformly.
  • Once the request is submitted, it will be reviewed to determine if the information is deemed public.
  • If the information is public, then the information will be processed and sent out in a timely manner.
  • A response to the request will be issued within 10 business days.

How Does FBCAD Handle Requests For Public Information?

Visit the website of the Attorney General of Texas for further details.

Need More Information?

Contact FBCAD’s Public Information Coordinator

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