Informal Meetings

Due to the ongoing pandemic, in-person Informal Meetings will not be offered. Informal Meetings will be conducted remotely via phone and/or email.

A Notice of Protest must be filed timely in order to conduct an Informal Meeting.

Please provide your phone number & email address when filing your Notice of Protest. Once your protest has been filed, an FBCAD appraiser will review your protest and initiate contact.

Property owners may discuss any differences with a registered FBCAD appraiser, in order to determine appropriate reconciliation.

If a mutual agreement is reached between the property owner and the appraiser, the ARB Hearing will be cancelled.

The Informal Meeting must be held prior to the date of your scheduled ARB Hearing.

*Informal Meetings are not required by law and are offered as a good faith attempt to settle the appeal. FBCAD reserves the right to cancel an Informal Meeting at any time.

Monday — Friday / 8:00AM — 4:30PM
2801 B. F. Terry Blvd. Rosenberg, TX 77471

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